Posted by: macahajo | November 16, 2011

If God is stirring your heart for missions, listen!

In August, 2010, a lady in our church and I organized a special missions weekend at our church. We had several of our missionaries come for a Saturday evening dinner and then share during a few 20 minute small group sessions about their ministry & what God was doing in the parts of the world where they served. Then, the next day each of the missionaries shared during the Sunday School hour. One of the missionaries that our church supports, Jim with Reach Global, the International mission of the EFCA, spoke to our youth and told them that if God is stirring their heart for missions, listen. I felt that my heart was stirring for missions and has for so many years. Mark felt that same stirring as he listened to Jim speak as well.

After the church service that day, we went to lunch with Jim, his wife, and another ReachGlobal missionary. As we were finishing up lunch, Jim asked us if Africa was still on our radar! He said that, if we wanted to, he would be very interested in talking with us because he was putting a team together for Africa. So, we prayed. And prayed. And prayed. This is not what we were expecting! We were very content where the Lord had us; we were developing deepening relationships in our church, we were happy in our neighborhood, and we lived close to our family & several old friends. But we felt that if God’s hand was in this, then we should explore it. So, we met with Jim the next month to talk about Africa!

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