Posted by: macahajo | January 11, 2012

Good to stay… Good to go…

A couple weeks before we went to the ReachGlobal Readiness Event this past October, where we would find out if we were invited to join the ReachGlobal staff, one leader in our church asked how I would feel if we were not accepted with ReachGlobal. I said that I would know that God doesn’t want us to go if we’re not accepted, but I said that part of me would probably feel a little rejected! She said that I shouldn’t feel that way; that God is in control. She encouraged me to make an equal list of good things about going and a list of good things about staying so that if God called us to stay, I would have those things to remember about why it would be good to stay.

Here’s my list:

Good to stay:

*our family  *our friends  *our church  *our home  *our neighborhood  *our small group  *continuing to serve in the ministries we love  *homeschooling  *discipleship relationships  *not here long enough if we went  *stability

Good to go:

*feeling like this is what we were made for  *opportunity to serve in an area where there aren’t a lot of Christians & resources  *experience a new culture  *meet new friends  *great organization to join & grow in  *use my gifts in missions  *be a part of holistic ministry  *make a difference

I must say, that for me, it was a little easier to make the list of good things about staying (and you might notice that there are more things on that list even though I tried to make them equal) which is what would of helped me if God called us to stay. I’ve thought about how staying would give us the time to deepen all of the relationships that we are blessed to be a part of.  And it would be nice to stay in our comfortable home where we wouldn’t have to think about packing up and selling or renting and wonder where we’ll live when we do come back to the states.

But, in the end, though my good to go list is a little shorter, and sometimes I could probably add to my good to stay list, it’s not the list that is leading us to make the decision to go or to stay.

It’s the fact that God loves us so much and a long time ago, He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins and we had the opportunity to hear that truth. And our lives forever changed when we put our faith in Jesus. God burdened our heart for people in the world who haven’t had the opportunity to hear the good news of what Christ has done for each one of us. He has called us and we can’t ignore this burden and this call that He has put on our hearts to go and bring hope to those who would otherwise have no hope. So, we are good to stay and we are good to go, as He leads us.

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”

Psalm 96:3

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