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Cameroon Vision Trip, 2012 – The story continues…Joshua was very excited to get his African drum!

Hannah on Mont-Febi

It was a huge confirmation that God wanted us in Africa when our kids told us that they wanted to move to Cameroon. God had worked in their hearts, especially Hannah who initially struggled with thinking about moving to Africa.

We prayed a lot for our kids (and many others did too) and before the vision trip, we prayed specifically that God would give friends to the kids that they could look forward to going back to, if God led us to go back to Cameroon. And God answered this prayer. From the start, our kids enjoyed the city team leader’s kids; they all got along very well. They have three boys – two of them are close to Josh’s age. And they have a daughter who is a year older than Hannah. Our kids also got to meet other kids as well, when we visited the schools and when we had dinner with some missionary families.

But I asked the Lord for further confirmation because feelings can go up and down, and change quickly. That morning at church, the speaker shared from God’s Word the verse in Isaiah 6:8, “Here I am, send me.”  This is the heart we want to have; to go where He wants to send us. And the speaker said that “No crisis will overcome you where God wants you”.  These were affirming words.

Over the last year and to this day, we have continued to sense Him leading us to Cameroon. There is work to be done that we anticipate being a part of in Yaounde. And while on our vision trip, we learned how there is medical care available if we need it, we toured the schools where our kids could possibly attend (which looked like great options), and we met a lot of great missionaries who are part of a larger missionary community right in Yaounde, who would be a blessing for the fellowship and who could give a lot of support as we adjust to life there. We also had a lot of time with the city team leader & his family. He is someone that we feel very comfortable serving with and under his leadership. There were no red-flags on our vision trip and while there have been other possibilities presented, we haven’t been led there.

Yaounde is on the edge of the Rainforest, so even during this dryer, warmer season – there is still a lot of green


  1. PTL for the peace you have about the move to Cameroon. Tell Joshua I’ll be looking forward to seeing him, with his drum, up front with the Praise Team on your return.

  2. I agree with the Andersons… I want to see Josh playing his drum up front. 🙂
    How exciting to see how God is working! We continue to pray!

  3. It’s wonderful for all of you. We’ve been praying for u guys, especially the kids.

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