Posted by: macahajo | February 17, 2012


We talked about many things with the city team leader while we were on our vision trip: our family, cultural adaptation, language acquisition, and vision.

When we move to Cameroon, Lord willing, our initial focus will be on getting our family settled into this new culture and way of life, as well as learning French so that we can communicate well with the nationals. Both will take a lot of time, energy and commitment!

There are a couple different options for our French study. We could study French in Quebec or France, where we could focus primarily on learning the language. However the second option that we prefer is to study French in Cameroon so that we can make one transition with our children from America to Cameroon instead of more moves from America to the place of language study and then to Cameroon. Also, we could begin right away to learn the culture and develop relationships and we’ll learn French the way the Cameroonians speak it, which is a little different from the French spoken in Quebec or France.

During our recent trip to Cameroon, the Lord confirmed the vision that He has placed on our hearts. Of course, it’s important for me to say that Mark & I both believe that our first ministry is to our family. And as such, I see my vision as two-fold: My vision is to help my husband, take care of our children and take care of our home (Proverbs 22:6, Titus 2: 4-5). And the vision that the Lord has laid on our heart for Africa is: To develop, empower and release nationals working in youth ministry (Mark’s focus) and holistic ministry (my focus).

Holistic ministry is the tangible expression of the Gospel of Christ. For example, it may be a water project that saves lives by giving clean water, a child sponsorship program like EFCA’s child sponsorship program, GlobalFingerprints that provides an education and better health care to orphans, or ministry among widows that helps them provide themselves with an income – and through any of these type of ministries, sharing the hope they can have in Christ. It is helping people’s physical needs and spiritual needs.

More on youth and children’s ministry in Africa later… 🙂

Mark & I, eating on the outdoor patio at the local Chinese restaurant in town.    It was delicious & the weather was beautiful!

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