Posted by: macahajo | February 29, 2012

Missionary Kids’ Education

Our family at the Parent Run School in Yaounde

On the mission field, education possibilities vary for children. Depending on where a family serves, parents may have the option of choosing between one or more of the following: homeschooling, boarding schools, local schools for missionary kids or national schools. One of the reasons that Yaounde, Cameroon was suggested to us as a possible place for our family was because of the schools that are available for our kids to attend.

In January, when we traveled to Cameroon, we toured two schools that would be a short drive from where we would live: The Parent Run School (K-6th Grade) where Joshua would possibly attend and the Rain Forest International School (7th-12th Grade) where Hannah might go. Christ is the foundation of both schools and each school offers strong academics. Mostly missionary kids attend these schools, though RFIS accepts non-missionary kids too.

We’ve been homeschooling for the last three years, so enrolling Hannah and Joshua in school would be another change that we would all experience when we move overseas. One benefit of the kids attending school includes the friendships that they may develop with other missionary kids; This would be good for them since they are leaving their friends in the United States.

Hannah visiting Rain Forest International School

Rain Forest International School

The library at the Parent Run School

The Parent Run School


  1. I think the Parent Run School is where our friends go! And, Zoe will be at Rainforest in the fall. How exciting that you’ll be meeting up with friends of ours from Rwanda (see FB)!

    • That is really cool, that we’ll get to know a family that you served with in Rwanda! 🙂 We look forward to getting to know them, especially since our daughters are the same age!

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