Posted by: macahajo | April 5, 2012

A testimony that God is so good!

As we develop partners for the ministry that the Lord is calling us to in Africa, a friend shared a testimony with me that I’d like to share with you because I was so blessed to hear how God provided in her life in such an amazing way! And I was encouraged by her faith & act of obedience.

“I have been blessed to know Mark and Cathy for almost four years now. My husband and I have had the privilege of working alongside them as youth leaders in our church’s youth program, and I have enjoyed Cathy’s friendship and sweet, soft spirit so very much. When they shared with us that they were pursuing a call to the mission field, I was both excited and sad. I felt so excited that they chose to follow the Lord’s leading in their lives and that they are being awesome examples of trust and obedience, which we constantly are teaching our youth to do. Yet I felt sad to know that they would be leaving our church body to move so far away.

I began asking the Lord, “How do you want me to support Mark and Cathy and their family?” I started praying for them right away. When a letter arrived for financial support, it was a no brainer! Of course we would support them this way! However, I never knew exactly how God would use that to stretch me as a believer.

To give you a little background, I try to be very frugal as a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. Pretty much nothing gets purchased unless it’s on sale AND I have a coupon! And financial matters are something I struggle with giving to God. So when I started to think about giving financially, I felt like we didn’t really have much to give because I knew how much we could “afford” to give out of our budget. But as my husband and I prayed about it, I felt God saying that our giving needed to be a sacrifice to us. I thought about the sacrifices it would take to move to another country, and I knew Mark, Cathy, and the kids would have to give up a lot. Could my family and I make the same sacrifices? Would we sacrifice our finances to obey what we felt the Lord was telling us to do?

Something interesting happened. The day that we decided on an amount to give, my husband and I had the same amount in mind, an amount that doubled what I felt we could “afford”. Wow! I felt a tightness inside me–I was a little unsure–and I thought, “How in the world are we going to do that?” Yet my husband and I firmly felt this is what God wanted us to do, so we gave. The following month our finances were super tight, but God provided two impromptu jobs for my husband AND a semester-long job teaching a class at the community college—and he had been firmly told there would be no class for him!

How amazing! As we followed God’s leading, He provided. This is not a testimony of what we did, but rather a testimony that God is so good! I should not be amazed for His Word is true. He desires to give us good things, but he also desires that we follow Him in obedience.

I recently read I Samuel 15:22. It says, “To obey is better than sacrifice.” In this passage, God is speaking to King Saul. Saul did not obey God, and he tried to make the excuse that what he had kept was for God. Yet God knew Saul’s heart, and he knew Saul’s heart was not set on the one, true KING. I think that sometimes we have to make sacrifices, or maybe the better word is choices, to be obedient to God. Saul made the wrong choices even as God’s anointed. Each day is full of choices in obedience for all of us. I’m so thankful that God chose this situation to teach me about trusting and obeying Him. It has deepened my understanding and love for the Lord.

It is so exciting to see how God continually works in and through all of his saints!”  -Testimony written by Kristi Strossner

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