Posted by: macahajo | June 9, 2012

Update as we prepare to go overseas

We are preparing to go to Yaounde, Cameroon! Our airplane must travel from Chicago to Yaounde. To get there, we need your prayers & your financial partnership! We need people who are interested in partnering with us in the work that the Lord is calling us to. We are going to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth and make disciples!  As we partner with the African Christian leaders, our vision is to develop, empower and release the leaders in youth, children’s and holistic ministry.

Holistic ministry is the tangible expression of the Gospel. Examples of holistic ministry include ministry to the poor, to the orphaned, or to the widowed. Holistic ministry is proclaiming Christ’s name with words and actions, just like Jesus did. As He cared for a person’s soul, He also cared for their physical needs.

Currently, we have about 20% of the monthly funds needed to do the ministry in Africa: These funds are coming from people who have committed to regular giving towards the work in Africa that we’ll be a part of.

Our airplane represents how far along we are in the process of raising support.  If the Lord has burdened your heart to partner with us through regular financial giving (perhaps monthly or quarterly),  will you please begin to partner with us today? We want our plane to get closer to Africa in the next few weeks!

By the end of this month, we need to have 50% of the monthly funds needed so that we can begin an on-line training in July and then attend a 4-day training in the fall. (If we do not reach this goal, then the next 4-day training is in April).  100% of our regular monthly support must be committed before we go.

God is more than able to provide the funds that we need! And He often uses His children!

If you want to give, there is a link on the side-bar that will take you to the EFCA giving page.This makes giving easy on-line! When they ask for the Designation, please type Kato – 1553.

Or you can mail your check to EFCA, 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420. And write Kato-1553 in the memo line.

Many of you have heard about the work that we’ll be a part of, but if you have any questions, please ask!

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