Posted by: macahajo | August 28, 2012

Journaling: Remember the Good Things the Lord Has Done

I love to journal! I’ve been journaling for twenty years. I write about what the Lord is teaching me and how I see Him working. I journal about my joys and my struggles. Sometimes, I record my prayers.  I write about my goals and my priorities.  Some people process things by talking, but I process what I’m thinking and feeling on paper. I also like to journal because I am so encouraged when I take time to read past journals and remember the good things that the Lord has done. Without my journals, I would probably forget.

We are warned in Deuteronomy 6:12 to be careful not to forget the Lord and what He has done.  Hosea 8:14 describes how Israel forgot their Maker.  But David says in 1 Chronicles 16:12 to “Remember the wonders He has done…” There are so many verses in Scripture that talk about how the people forgot what the Lord did and so many verses that encourage people to remember what He has done because we as a people tend to forget.

C.H. Spurgeon said, “I have sometimes said, when I have become the prey of doubting thoughts, ‘Well, now, I dare not doubt whether there be a God, for I can look back in my Diary, and say, On such a day, in the depths of trouble, I bent my knee to God, and or ever I had risen from my knees, the answer was given me.'”  As Spurgeon testifies, when we have troubles or need encouragement, journaling is a wonderful way to remember who God is and what God has done in our lives.

Not only is journaling a way that the writer may be encouraged by looking back and remembering the wonders the Lord has done, but it’s a record of God’s faithfulness and goodness to be shared with future generations as well. In his book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whitney writes how journaling is “an effective way of teaching the things of God to our children and transmitting our faith into the future.” (Page 202)  I met someone recently who’s grandma died and they started to read her journals – what a special memory gift she left to her children and grandchildren as they get to learn more about their beloved mother and grandmother and her walk with the Lord.

One thing that I’ve wanted to do for awhile is go through my journals.  Recently when I had time,  I organized my journals in chronological order and then I started to read the first one I wrote, beginning on December 1st, 1992, about 10 months after I became a Christian. As I have time, I’m going to read my journals from the last 20 years.  I’ll share some of the highlights of lessons learned, how I saw the Lord working, and tell of His goodness in special posts periodically. They’ll be entitled, Remember the wonders he has done!

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