Posted by: macahajo | September 13, 2012

Why Cameroon?

Yaounde, Cameroon

We are planning to move to Yaounde, Cameroon to serve with ReachGlobal, the International Mission of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Some have asked, “Why Cameroon?” One of the reasons is because it has been targeted as an Acts 19 city by ReachGlobal.

In Acts 19, Paul is sharing the Gospel in the city of Ephesus. He finds some disciples and baptizes them and then goes to the synagogue. He spends 3 months there before facing opposition and then he withdraws to the hall of Tyrannus, reasoning with people there on a daily basis.

The Bible says that after two years, all the people in the province of Asia heard the Word of the Lord.

So what makes Yaounde an Acts 19 city? For one, with a population of roughly 3 million people, it is a major city, comparable to Chicago. Second, Yaounde draws many people from other parts of both Cameroon and other countries in Central and West Africa. People come in and out of the city for work and school. Being the capitol of the country, there are also government, trade and commerce opportunities in Yaounde. And third, there is also the ability for Cameroonians to travel. We recently met some missionaries in a Muslim country in North Africa who commented on how many Cameroonians were in their church while they went to University there.

It has been laid on the hearts of the ReachGlobal leadership to see 100 Acts 19 locations started. The ultimate goal is to see 100 million people impacted with the Gospel by 2017. The goal is audacious, but attainable in the Lord’s power and strength. We trust in Him and look forward to being part of this ministry to reach those who have not heard about Jesus.

-Mark Kato

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