Posted by: macahajo | September 20, 2012

Develop, Empower, and Release: What does that mean?

When we go to Cameroon, our vision is to develop, empower and release African Christian leaders in youth, children’s and holistic ministry. But what does that mean?

The following information comes from the EFCA website, specifically in the section titled, What Does “Develop, Empower, and Release” Mean?


To build people up to the point where they can take their proper place in the kingdom.

Key activities under “develop” include evangelism, discipleship, ministry skill equipping, and leadership development.


To clear the obstacles which would prevent people from taking their proper place in the kingdom.

Key activities under “empower” would include turning over control that we may have; providing key ideas, information and appropriate resources; helping people to know how to think and make decisions for themselves; encouraging and supporting them; affirming and validating them in front of those they will influence; viewing them as equal partners in the gospel ministry; clarifying their role or purpose; helping them to remove roadblocks; allowing them freedom to make and learn from mistakes.


To bless people and to send them out into their proper place in the kingdom.

This may (and often will) mean literally sending them out and away from where we are. But perhaps most of the time, releasing doesn’t result in physical separation. In this case, “sending them out” is really a recognition on our part that our role with them has changed. We have moved from the “pioneer” and “parent” stages to the “partner” or perhaps even the “participant” stage. With this recognition comes a corresponding shift in our view of our task – we move now primarily into a support and encouragement role, perhaps with ongoing training as a component.

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