Posted by: macahajo | September 23, 2012

We Need YOU!

Tom Steller, Pastor for Leadership Development at Bethlehem Baptist Church, and Dean of the Bethlehem Institute, in Minneapolis, Minnesota says in the Afterword of John Piper’s book, Let the Nations Be Glad, that as Christ-followers, “We must either go out for the sake of his name, or we must send and support such people who do, and do so in a manner worthy of God.” He goes on to say about the one who sends, “It is a very high calling. It is walking in the truth…Senders are fellow workers with the truth. To send in a manner worthy of God is a call to excellence in the support of missionaries. It is a direct participation in God’s purpose. The cruciality of sending cannot be overemphasized.”  We fully agree with Stellar.

We have lived in the States almost all of our lives, except for one year when we were in Niger, West Africa. And for most of our years as Christians in the States, we have supported missionaries. For example, the Lord gave us a heart for Bible Translation – bringing God’s Word to people’s heart language.  Since we did not go to do Bible Translation, it was a privilege for our family to be a part of sending out a family who does Bible Translation work. We felt that we were part of that work by giving to this ministry, and praying for the family and the ministry.

Now, the Lord has led us to go and we are praying that Christ will burden hearts to send us and be a part of this ministry; A ministry of developing, empowering & releasing African Christian leaders in youth, children’s and holistic ministry – a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and ministering among the poor in Africa. Will you consider giving to this ministry, and praying for our family and the ministry? We would consider it an honor to have you on our team. We cannot overemphasize, like Tom Steller said, how crucial your giving and praying is in getting us to Africa and keeping us there as long as the Lord would have us there.

Steller goes on to say, “So whether we are those who send or those who go, let us glory in the supremacy of God in missions, and let us link arms together as we join in the refrain of old, ‘Let the nations be glad!'”(Psalm 67:4)

To begin giving today, you can send a check to:
EFCA, 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420
(and write on the memo line: Kato-Account #1553)
or you can give easily online by clicking on the following link:

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