Posted by: macahajo | September 28, 2012

Day of Prayer & Fasting: Monday, the 1st of October

Sometimes, we have felt discouraged about the process of developing ministry partners (aka support raising) because it is taking so long.  We need people who will commit to giving regularly to this ministry so we can go.  In the deepest places of our hearts, we have wondered recently if God wants us in Africa.

Last week, we met with someone to share how the Lord has led us to go to Africa and serve Him there. And we shared how we hope to go and make disciples who make disciples, through the ministry of developing, empowering and releasing African Christian leaders in youth, children’s and holistic ministry.  During the meeting, I started to feel discouraged. I felt what some would describe as a spiritual attack.

The Enemy is very real and what we are preparing to do is not what he wants.  Ephesians 6:12 says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” There is a real battle going on, and we need be strong in the Lord.  Ephesians 6 goes on to instruct us to put on the full armor of God and “…pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” (v 18). I have been challenged to pray more and to ask people to pray for us more often, specifically when we meet with people to share about what we’ll be doing in Africa and as we challenge them to be a part of the Great Commission.

So, this past week, I asked some of our partners, people who are a part of the ministry in Africa through regular giving and praying, to pray about a meeting we had scheduled with a potential ministry partner. When I asked for prayer, one of our partners told me that she plans to pray and fast for new ministry partners for us, on Monday, October 1st. And she invited others to join her. We felt so encouraged, loved and supported by her desire to pray and fast upon our behalf.

Throughout the pages of Scripture, there are many examples of God’s followers praying and fasting; Nehemiah, Esther, Ezra, and Daniel to name a few. And Jesus said in Matthew 6:6, “When you fast…” Jesus expected that His followers would fast.  Donald Whitney wrote in his book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life why people fasted. They fasted for the following reasons: To seek God’s guidance, to express grief, to seek deliverance or protection, to express repentance and the return to God, to humble oneself before God, to express concern for the work of God, to minister to the needs of others, to overcome temptation and dedicate yourself to God, and to express love and worship to God.

What do we fast from? We might fast from food, or Whitney said that, “Sometimes we may need to fast from involvement with other people, or from the media, from the telephone, from talking, from sleep, etc., in order to become more absorbed in a time of spiritual activity.”  It’s a time to give up something and focus on the Lord more.

We will be praying and fasting for the purpose of asking the Lord for more partners for the ministry in Africa. But in addition to this, we have other things we will pray for. This whole thing is so much bigger than us and it’s so much bigger than the people who’s hearts He wants to move in, to support us and partner with us (though that is certainly the main purpose of the fast).  We also want to pray for others to be sent out into the harvest and we want to pray for all of those who need to hear the Good News, and all of those who will find their hope in Jesus Christ alone.

So, on Monday, October 1st, we will join our partner in praying and fasting. Together, we will fast from 6PM Sunday night to 6PM Monday night.  Will you join us?

“Whenever men are to pray to God concerning any great matter, it would be expedient to appoint fasting along with prayer.” John Calvin


  1. We love & support you guys! We will be praying with you on Monday!

    • Thank you, sweet friend! We love you & your family, & we’re so thankful for your love & support.

  2. I´m praying for you! God is growing you as you raise ministry and prayer partners. Not easy, but He is the one who will bring in the support! He doesn´t make mistakes in leading you. Hang in there! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Beth! Your words are so encouraging to us. I will remember what you said, “He doesn’t make mistakes in leading you.” Thank you. And thanks for your prayers too!

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