Posted by: macahajo | December 12, 2012

He hears our prayers

We are developing ministry partners for the work in Africa that the Lord is calling us to. And as such, we are meeting with people to share with them about the ministry that we will be a part of.
One family that we met with to share about the ministry, later told us that they wanted to pray for us but couldn’t be a part of the ministry by giving financially. We understood and appreciated them prayerfully considering it.
However, I went to Mark and asked him to pray with me because I didn’t want to get discouraged. I wanted to keep my eyes on Christ and remember to give thanks for the people who have joined our ministry team. So, we prayed together.
Within the same hour that we found out that the one family said no and we prayed together, another couple sent us an email. They said, “We have been praying for your family as you continue to raise support for your ministry in Africa. As we’ve prayed, we both have felt led to increase our giving each month.” When I received that email, I cried! I was overwhelmed by God’s lovingkindness and by the way that He hears our prayers.


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