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A Juicy Lucy, Transplanting Flowers, and Dodge-Ball!

Conflict beasts (1)

fun with new friends!

Coloring worksheets and delicious food, studying culture shock, and playing new games, these are a few of my favorite things (from PT Live!)
By Hannah Lynn

In April of 2013, we went to PT Live (Pre-field Training) in Minnesota. At first, my reactions to going were just, “Ok, whatever.” Not excited, but not negative. Then we got there. By the end of PT Live, I had one of the best weeks ever! We played games, studied with the adults at points, and ate and ate and ate (we had really good food, from bagels to barbecue!)!

We had lots of fun playing with the other missionary kids and other kids who joined us some of the days. We went to the church library, and even played dodge-ball and cops and robbers.



We took really fun field trips during the afternoons. My favorites were probably going to Mall of America (to have a fun scavenger hunt), going to a Cathedral (to study a different religion), and going to Feed My Starving Children (to pack food for hungry kids in Haiti).

Program events (8)

…about to share about what we learned about culture shock during an evening gathering

We learned a lot. One of our afternoon activities was transplanting flowers (and we also painted pots to give to someone, to encourage them to pray for us). A woman came and talked to us about plants- but also about how we (the missionary kids) would be “transplanted” to a different culture. Plants should be transplanted to a bigger space when their roots start to have less room to grow. That’s kind of like missionaries. We (missionaries) have gotten comfortable with where we are now, but we need to be “transplanted” because that’s what God thinks is best for us. We need room to grow even more!

PT Live Kids Host Gift Project (1)

transplanting flowers

We went to a Spanish-English church (to experience a different culture). Afterwards, we had a Jucy Lucy (a stupendous burger with cheese inside)!

We had fun playing pool (not the swimming kind) and other games with our host family, and they took us to the Pizza Ranch!


our family, with our wonderful host family!

All in all, it was a great week, and it was super fun and enjoyable! We had a lot of fun off-site of PT Live as well.  It was a great week of memories and fun! I would love to be able to do it again if it were possible!


  1. Hannah, we had a great time with your family. Praying that we remember all we learned 🙂 and for God’s perfect timing on when we all leave for the field. Thank you for writing this! Great memories.

  2. Hannah, You could be an author some day! You are a great writer! We sure love you & Your wonderful family!

  3. What a great update on PT.
    Your excitement about this training and what the future holds for you and your family is obvious. GOD will honor this as you yield to Him.

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