Posted by: macahajo | July 9, 2013

Going to Africa…

Our small group

Most of our small group pictured here  (Mark & Cathy, Amy & Javier, Ruth & Brian, Patti & Steve, Trista & Chris)

We’ve known Javier and his wife Amy for several years. Amy and I have been a part of the same mom’s group for the last 5 years and as couples, we have been a part of the same small group for the last 2 1/2 years.  Last year, Javier and Amy joined our Africa Ministry Team by praying and giving regularly to the work. We are so thankful for their friendship and for their partnership!

When we heard that ReachGlobal was looking for videographers to highlight what God is doing in Africa, we thought right away about Javier, who is an amazing videographer!  We passed the need along to him, and he was super excited about using the gifts and talents that the Lord gave him in this way! Javier applied and was accepted with ReachGlobal, to serve on this 2-week project.

Javier will travel to Cameroon in October where he will record the ministry happening there!  We are so excited that our dear friend and faithful ministry partner will get to go to Cameroon and see up close the work that the Lord is doing! And through him, others will also get to see and hear what the Lord is doing in Africa!

We hope that we can be there to welcome him!

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