Posted by: macahajo | July 21, 2013

From coast to coast…

Over the years, we have developed special friendships and relationships with people, and we thank the Lord for each one! But there are many people who are dear to our hearts, who live out of state and who we don’t get to see very often… old friends, former youth group students, and family.

As full-time staff with ReachGlobal, many of you know that we need to develop ministry partners; people who want to pray for us and give to the Africa ministry. We can’t go without the partnership of others.

We officially started developing ministry partners in January, 2012 after we took our Cameroon Vision Trip. We started to meet with friends, family, and church family near our home to share about the work that the Lord is calling us to in Cameroon, to see who would like to be a part of the work. And then, as Mark continued to serve on staff with our church, we took our vacation time to visit with old friends in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Then this past May, the time came for Mark to finish serving at our church so we could devote our full time and attention to developing ministry partners.

So, this summer, we’ve had an opportunity to travel beyond the Midwest region to visit with many special people in our lives who we don’t often get to see. It has been a sweet joy to have this time together, with some who we haven’t seen for many, many years.  It was so good to have this time to share about the Africa ministry, and the Lord has burdened several of them to join in the Africa ministry with us. We’re so thankful to have them be a part of this!

In upcoming blog posts, we will share more about our time on the west coast and the east coast.


  1. We lived in Gresham OR for ten years and have some dear friends there too. What part of OR did you visit?

    Hebrews 13:20-21

    • We were in Grant’s Pass.
      Too bad we couldn’t see more of Oregon on that trip. Several years ago, my sister and I went to Multnomah falls, a lavender farm, and to Cannon Beach – what a beautiful state!

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