Posted by: macahajo | August 8, 2013

African Coffee


Last month, we traveled to Seattle, Washington, where we got to visit with a former youth group girl, Debbie, who is now married, has a little baby, and is a teacher.

Debbie and her husband John told us about a gentleman in Hawaii who wants to empower nationals in other countries to grow coffee; this would help provide a sustainable income for nationals.  But this isn’t their main focus. When John met with the gentleman in Hawaii, they were both thinking about how they could share the Gospel, and they were thinking about all sorts of Bible truths and applications that could be drawn from growing coffee!  John and Debbie are passionate about Jesus!  And micro-businesses like growing coffee, are one way that the Gospel could be shared and also help meet a person’s physical needs.

We had great conversations with this family!  We were so encouraged by their hearts for the Lord and for serving Him. And as we traveled along the way, we kept thinking about how people like John and Debbie could be used overseas, with the gifts, talents, and experiences that the Lord has given them, perhaps in a short-term project or maybe a long term commitment, to develop, empower, and release African Christian leaders in holistic ministry.

Perhaps someday, we will see them overseas!

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