Posted by: macahajo | August 16, 2013


When we move to Cameroon, our initial goals will include learning the culture and learning French, the language of the people.  These are goals for our whole family, including Hannah and Joshua. To help us accomplish this huge, and somewhat daunting goal, ReachGlobal wanted us to participate in a language acquisition training program.

So, a couple weeks ago, our family drove up to Toronto, Canada for PLANTS (Principles of Language Acquisition: Natural Tools and Strategies). The purpose of the PLANTS training is to help our family develop the skills, methods, techniques and attitudes to learn another language.

One of our highlights of the training was spending time with Valerine. She is a French speaking woman born and raised in Cameroon, who moved to Canada when she was a young adult.  PLANTS brought her in to be our language helper! Along with two other students, we had five 2-hour sessions with Valerine. We used some of the tools that the instructors gave us to learn a little French!  Hannah and Joshua also spent time with Valerine!  They had five 1-hour sessions with her.  What a special time for all of us!

We can’t wait to begin learning French in Cameroon. We only wish we could take Valerine with us! 🙂


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