Posted by: macahajo | September 30, 2013

My husband :)

Mark is amazing with youth and children! There is just something about him that kids love! He is fun and loving! He makes people feel welcomed and cared for. He loves spending time with teens!  Mark loves Jesus, and he loves to encourage teens in their relationship with Him.

Peter, a former student of Mark’s said, “Mark Kato has been and will always be one of the greatest mentors in my life.  Once I entered into the youth group in 7th grade, Mark had taken me under his wing.  As a senior in college, he would sacrifice his time, energy, money, basically his everything to mentor and build a relationship with me.  We would have discipleship groups, and Mark was my leader.  He would drive 45 minutes every week, sometimes multiple times a week to my house to pick me up.  Then basically spend all day with me, whether it be playing basketball, volleyball, hanging out, talking, whatever.  He taught me how to play guitar.  He taught me how to set a volleyball.  But most importantly he taught me how to have a relationship with God.  He did it by building a relationship with me and showing me genuine love.  Mark has taught me and helped me become the man I am today, and I am forever grateful for him in my life.”


Mark & Peter  Summer, 2012

The discipleship relationship that Mark developed with Peter is the kind he wants to develop with Cameroonians.

Operation World tells us to pray for Cameroon for “Effective Christian discipling in churches and by youth and children’s agencies. Little is available.”  This is a huge need as almost half the population is under the age of 18!

When we go to Cameroon, Mark is going to bring with him his love for Jesus and children, and his years of experience pastoring and discipling youth and children, like Peter, to train and disciple African Christian leaders who are also passionate about Jesus and children, so that they can minister effectively and reach more children for Christ. Please pray for Mark as he serves the Lord, making disciples who make disciples!

Thankful for my husband and his love for our Savior, 

Cathy Lynn

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