Posted by: macahajo | December 3, 2013

Taking a chance on “someone like me”

“When I think of Mark Kato, I thank God for bringing him into my life. Mark was probably one of the most influential people during my early spiritual development.

When I was in junior high I attended a youth group where Mark was one of the teachers. At that time, I lived probably the farthest from any student and it was a good hour from church. Mark voluntarily drove me home every week consistently and it was during those drives home where I met God.

We would talk about sports and movies, but most of all it was those spiritual discussions that ended up shaping my view on who God was and what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ. Mark was always so patient, so kind, so selfless. His life really spoke volumes to a young Christian that was trying to figure out how to live this life the right way.


Mark with Patrick, at our wedding 15 years ago!

I am forever indebted to Mark and his willingness to take a chance on someone like me.”

Patrick, a former youth student at the first church Mark served at, in the Chicago suburbs.  Today, Patrick is a husband, father, doctor, & lay-leader in his church.

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