Posted by: macahajo | February 6, 2014

Old Counter Tops

The Lord burdened Dana’s heart many years ago to care for orphans. And then when Dana learned how difficult it was to place orphaned siblings in the same home and how older orphans had little hope for being adopted, the Lord put it on her heart to specifically adopt siblings and older orphaned children. After Dana got married, she and her husband adopted three beautiful orphaned siblings from Africa; their ages ranged from 9-14 years old.


Recently, I was standing in Dana’s kitchen when she told me about their hope to adopt more children! They were looking to again, adopt a set of orphaned siblings from overseas.

As Dana told me about the long process with the adoption agency, she put her hand on her out-dated, worn counter-top. Dana reflected on how she & her husband planned to remodel their kitchen, including purchasing new counter-tops. But, then she told me how adopting these kids is a little more important, and how the new counter-tops could wait.

Wow! I was amazed by how she lived her life! I was encouraged by her faith and so blessed by her example! One of the greatest joys that has come to us along this journey to Africa has been the people we have gotten to spend time with; many brothers and sisters in Christ who love the Lord and who’s eyes are set on Him. Followers of Jesus who are obeying Him, trusting Him, and sacrificing their wants, including new counter tops, for Him.

It’s not that new counter tops are bad. But, there are so many times when we (Christians) can get caught up in the things of this world, instead of loving the Lord and loving our neighbor, and being about His Kingdom work.

-Cathy Lynn

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