Posted by: macahajo | May 20, 2014

The beginning of a new journey…


After a long plane ride (15 hours in the air), we arrived in Yaounde, Cameroon. The travels were pretty uneventful so we’re thankful for that! The ride over the ocean was not without it’s tears as I felt quite tired from the busy time that led up to our departure, and also sadness over leaving home and my parents. But, the Lord is so good, and He has given us peace and confirmation about where He wants us now.

Our ReachGlobal team leader and his wife met us at the airport and then drove us to our home that we will rent at least for our first year. We unloaded the 16 pieces of luggage that we brought (2 didn’t arrive but came on an airplane a couple days later – not uncommon here in Africa), and we began to get settled a little bit. Then, just before we went to bed, the rains came.

It’s still crazy to believe that we are here! Two nights before, we were in a small suburb of Chicago, living with my parents. And now, we are living on the edge of the rainforest in the capital city of Yaounde, with about 3 million other people!

We are thankful that in the midst of this huge life change, we have our Lord to carry us through the challenges that may come, that we have each other, and that we have brothers and sisters in Christ!

Until next time…

Cathy Lynn


  1. Glad you arrived safely. I remember tears flying across the ocean too (Japan). Even when you feel total peace about where God has called you, leaving loved ones is hard. You’ll feel that way when you return to the States as well. I looked up the airport and Yaounde on Google map, and can see why you said you are on the edge of a rainforest. I’m sure it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to here more abour your new home.

  2. Thank you for sharing Cathy!

  3. So sorry to have missed you! We left Yaoundé a couple of weeks ago… we’ll be back, though, some time next year!

  4. Thinking about you often as you get adjusted to your new home! We are so glad to have met your family and we will be praying for you as you touch hearts and deliver the gospel. You are inspirational and we love you! 🙂

    • Thank you, Stefanie! We have been so blessed by your family too. Hannah misses your girls so much. I was SO tired when Hannah face-timed you guys a couple days ago! Love to you all & hope to see you on face-time soon! We thank the Lord for technology!

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