Posted by: macahajo | June 8, 2014

Lucy and Larissa

Life in Africa… Shopping

A few doors down from where we live is Lucy’s stand. Lucy sells different kinds of fruits and vegetables… lettuce, carrots, onions, pineapples, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers and bananas to name a few! 🙂  There are so many fruits and vegetables that are available to us here in Yaounde! 

Some say that Lucy’s prices are a little high, but it’s a convenient place for people in the neighborhood to shop, including us!  She is very kind and friendly, and she usually has a smile on her face and a song on her lips.  A couple weeks ago, Lucy gave our family a bunch of bananas in honor of Cameroon’s Independence Day!

Lucy’s daughter Larissa is studying to be a teacher but she started her summer break so we’ve seen her more often at the stand. Larissa has a sweet little boy named David. He’s resting in the picture below after getting a little burn on his foot from the open fire where they cook.

Lucy, Larissa and I agreed that I can learn some French from them, and they can learn some English from me! 🙂


-Cathy Lynn


  1. Sweet little boy. And the vegetables look great.

    • He is such a cute little guy! Hannah loves him! ❤

  2. Can’t get much fresher than that! And, a nice selection. Loving you from afar, Aunt Carol

    • Yes, the mangoes are especially delicious!

  3. Those look like some beautiful, pesticide-free veggies! And what a sweet boy! Miss you all!

    • Yes, he is a sweet boy! Your girls would love him, just like Hannah does ❤

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