Posted by: macahajo | June 12, 2014

The ants go marching on…

Instead of making a big mess in the kitchen, I try to clean up as I go along. I learned this from my mom.   This habit has been especially important since coming to Africa because of the ants!!!

We have battled ants since the day we arrived. A missionary who has lived in Cameroon for 20 years said that she has never seen the ants so bad!

If I’m preparing a meal, and there are any crumbs on the counter, the ants find them… within seconds!  (See picture below!)


If I drop a little piece of rice or some other little piece of food on the floor, the ants find it quickly!!! (See picture below!)  You might notice the trail of ants traveling along the edge of the cabinet, to the piece of food on the floor that so many ants have consumed.

It’s really quite disgusting, but also a little interesting at the same time!  I’ve watched ants find a crumb of food, work together, and move it. But, then after watching them briefly, I want to kill them all, as I did with those pictured below!  They do not belong in my kitchen!


Sometimes, these ants annoy me so much. Sometimes, I get sick of them being in my kitchen all.the.time! Almost daily, I open up a kitchen drawer or a cabinet, and I find a few ants. If there are just a few, we have all learned to just smash them with our finger because a few is really nothing compared to the many that we’ll find at other times. We have a special sponge by our sink specifically for killing ants!  Yuck! I’m not in Pingree Grove anymore!  😉

But, still I have many things to be thankful for.  I’m really thankful that the ants are small, and that while we find ants all over our house, the majority of them are just in the kitchen.  I’m thankful that I haven’t had to deal with cockroaches, rats or mice that are sometimes common in this big city that we live in. I’m also thankful for Tupperware! I put my flour, sugar, opened bags of pasta, cookies, and so much more in my Tupperware!…otherwise, the ants would find their way in! And I’m thankful that I don’t have a toddler anymore! Could you imagine the crumbs they leave behind! We would feed many armies of ants! 😉

A Cameroonian friend told me that the ant problem will dissipate when the mango season ends. And now is the time; the mango season is ending. I love the delicious mangoes that grow here, but I will be happy to see the ants go.

You may read this blog post and think that I’m silly! You might find this post comical!  But, I just prefer God’s creatures outside of my home:) And I love sharing with you, among other things, the funny and frustrating realities of our life in Africa!

-Cathy Lynn




  1. Cathy, I smiled, but can totally understand your disgust. I actually was fighting small ants in my kitchen. When I went to ACE, and asked what was best to get rid of ants, I was told to buy a solution which has borax in it. You pour a little on a small piece of cardboard, and for a few days ants swarm to eat the stuff, and carry the poison back to the nest. In about a week, there were no more ants. I, however, discovered this AM some new ant hills right next to the driveway so maybe the battle isn’t over here in IL either. All that to say that I sympathize.
    Thankful you have tupperware too.

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