Posted by: macahajo | August 30, 2014

back to school

It’s that time of year again! Lots of children are going back to school, including ours!  After homeschooling Hannah and Joshua for the last five years, they both started new schools here in Yaounde, Cameroon!

Before her first day of high-school, I took Hannah on a date to our favorite coffee shop in Yaounde, La Maison du Cafe. And before Joshua started fifth grade, Mark took him to All-Star, an American-style restaurant serving the best of hamburgers, fries, and onion rings! We enjoyed this special time with our kids!


Hannah and I at the coffee shop

Hannah is attending, Rainforest International School (RFIS). They hosted a back to school picnic with a time of prayer.  Hannah talks about how much she loves RFIS; how it is a place that encourages her in her faith.


Prayer time at Hannah’s school

There are some wonderful opportunities at the school. Hannah is in a small group, led by a young mom who grew up in Congo.  And Hannah is also on the Drama Evangelism Team. The students on this team will go out into the city and villages, sharing the Gospel, through Mime.


The beautiful grounds of RFIS, on the edge of the rainforest

Joshua is attending The Greenhouse. For the past three weeks, since school officially started, Josh has gone to the Joint Learning Session; this is when home-schooling children, whose families serve in villages or other cities far from Yaounde, travel to the city and join the classes at The Greenhouse for a special time of learning together.  The sessions are about three weeks long, and happen three times a year.


Josh by his school desk, along with the art project he created during the Joint Learning Session... an explorer!

Please pray for Hannah and Joshua as they continue to grow and learn!   Sometimes they miss their home in the States and all the special people they love (and who love them), but overall, they are adjusting well to life in Cameroon. They are getting to know new friends, and they are working hard in school.  Please pray for safe travels along the busy roads to school, and for good health. We thank the Lord for Hannah and Joshua!


The road home from The Greenhouse

Love in Christ, Cathy Lynn


  1. Thank you for posting this! It’s so nice to get an understanding of life and school in Africa! It looks absolutely breathtaking. How different to walk along a brown dirt path instead of a concrete sidewalk, right? – Love and Prayers
    from the Dell’Aringas ❤

    • Hi Dell”Aringa family! We love you guys and hope that you are enjoying the start of your new school year! Yes, Hannah is blessed to attend such a great school with a Christian foundation, and that is on such a beautiful piece of property. I forgot to mention how there are students who attend RFIS from several countries which is a great experience too! Sure do miss you guys! ❤ Cathy

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