Posted by: macahajo | September 10, 2014

…Not for the reason I planned

I planned to join Nadege, my language instructor, for a prayer walk in Briqueterie, the neighborhood where there are many unreached people.

I arranged for Moses, our friend and taxi driver, to pick me up at 9am. (Our car isn’t legal to drive yet, and I probably won’t drive here for at least a year. I need to learn how to drive stick, and I need to learn how to drive in Yaounde, which is very different from driving in Chicago and the suburbs!)

But then, I got a call from Hannah’s school, telling me that she wasn’t feeling well. Hannah suffered from migraines in the States periodically, and this morning, she had another one. When Hannah gets a migraine, she sees spots, gets nauseous, and then deals with a terrible headache.

So, I needed to get her so that she could rest at home. But how could I do this since we don’t drive yet?!  Instead of needing to call for a taxi and wait for who knows how long, our friend Moses arrived just in time, as I planned, but not for the reason I planned!  He went and picked her up, and brought her home.

I thank the Lord for giving our family a trusted friend like Moses who could help us. And I am thankful that the Lord worked out the details, and for how He took care of Hannah.


Mark with Moses during our vision trip to Cameroon. January, 2012

So many of you pray for our family as we serve in Cameroon. Today, please thank the Lord with us for His care for our family and for His sovereignty! And thank Him for the friends that He has blessed us with, both Cameroonian and those in the missions community. 

Love in Christ, Cathy Lynn

By the way, a friend introduced me to YoungLiving’s Essential Oils before we left for Africa. There is an essential oil called M-Grain that helped Hannah this morning to fully recover!  I am thankful to have these natural, God-created oils. The Lord equipped me to care for my family and fight the different illnesses that we may get in Africa. One thing that I need to do is send Hannah to school with a few of these oils, so that when she gets sick, she’ll have her own essential oil medical kit!


  1. I’m glad Hannah is feeling better.  I too suffer from optic migranes, but I think  she has a slightly worse case than me.  Give her kisses from me.  And thank God for Moses.


    • Yes, Hannah is like you in so many ways, mom!

      Love you,

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