Posted by: macahajo | September 29, 2014

Sunday morning

There are many Christian churches in the large city of Yaounde, (population comparable to that of Chicago) and we have visited several since our arrival in mid May.

We have gone to services that have been all in English, all in French, and some that have been English and French. And we even went to the Korean Christian Church of Yaounde a couple weeks ago where the service was totally in Korean.

We visited a larger church with several hundred people, a smaller church with about 50 people, and some in between! We’ve been to churches with dirt floors, cement floors and tiled floors.


On our way to a local church last Sunday

You can check out what the worship service was like at the church we visited last Sunday…

Please pray for the Cameroonian Christian Church: For effective Christian discipleship.  A few Cameroonians that we’ve spent some time with have said that Christianity in Cameroon is not very deep, that little discipleship is happening, and that Christians need to show God’s Truth in action.  And this is why we are here; to make disciples who make disciples.  We want to develop, empower, and release Cameroonian Christian leaders in the areas of youth and children’s ministry, as well as ministry among the poor.

So, please pray for us too; For the Lord’s help as we learn the language of the majority of the people in Cameroon, and for the Lord’s wisdom and discernment when the time comes to develop ministry partners.

 In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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