Posted by: macahajo | October 16, 2014

Around our table

Over the last several months, we have been so blessed by the time of fellowship around our dining room table.   We have enjoyed getting to know some of our Cameroonian brothers and sisters in Christ!  We have had conversations about the Lord, about the Christian church in Cameroon, and about the needs of the people.  We are learning so much from them!


Damaris, with her little girl; September, 2014

We thank the Lord for special friendships that are developing; some who may be potential partners in ministry in the future.


Mark with Didier; October, 2014

Thank you for praying for us during these early days of our ministry in Africa! These are special and important days!

In Christ, Mark and Cathy




  1. Hello from Baltimore! I am glad to hear about the relationships that are developing and hope that you are all well. Just wondering if the Ebola outbreak is affecting you and the community there. -Sun Young

    • Hi Sun,
      So good to hear you! Thank you for your note.
      There have been no reported cases of Ebola as of today, in Cameroon. In efforts to keep it that way, they have closed their borders to those countries that have had an outbreak of Ebola.
      To be prepared if things changed, our organization developed an Ebola Contingency Crisis Plan for the staff in Africa.


      • Glad to hear you are safe from this. The media is ridiculous with the “outbreak”, but I am happy to hear your all are safe and have a good plan. By the way Cathy, Mark will be on a long, multiple stop trip starting in a couple of weeks. One stop is Cameroon! If you are close to where he will be, I am sure he would love to stop in! Wish I could…..

  2. What?!?! Mark will be coming to Cameroon? Omgosh, that’s so exciting! We would love to see him, and have him over for dinner or whatever would work for him! I am going to private message you on facebook so we can talk more about that! 🙂 I wish you were traveling with him!.. but I understand you are holding down the fort! 🙂 Love to you & your family, dear friend.

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