Posted by: macahajo | October 20, 2014

love Jesus more than soccer

Hannah joined the Drama Evangelism Team at her school.  She loves Jesus and she loves drama, so this is a wonderful way for her to live out her two passions!

Hannah and the team recently performed at her school’s soccer and basketball tournaments. At each tournament, their audiences included about 100 students from different schools in Yaounde.

During the drama, the athletic director got up and asked the players how much they loved soccer. All the kids cheered! Then he said, “That’s great, but our hope and prayer is that you would love Jesus even more than soccer.”


Hannah and the team getting ready to perform during the recent soccer tournament; September, 2014

Sometime after the soccer tournament was over, a coach from one of the schools called the athletic director and said that his girls won’t stop asking him about Jesus! Since he is not a Christian, he doesn’t know how to answer their questions, and he asked if the athletic director could send someone over to help answer questions that the girls have!

Please pray for the leaders and students at Hannah’s school who go to counsel the students. And pray for these students who are asking questions about Jesus, whose hearts were touched by the drama evangelism; that they would be saved.

In Christ,  Cathy Lynn

Check out one of their dramas here:

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