Posted by: macahajo | October 29, 2014

eau précieuse

Water. What a precious gift.  And sometimes we don’t realize how precious it is, until we don’t have it.

On Saturday morning, the city water went out in our neighborhood. Thankfully, we have a chateau that brings stored water into our home. So, on Saturday morning, the water traveled thru our pipes from the chateau, and trickled out of the faucets and shower heads.

We are so thankful for the water that trickles out of our faucets during water outages because those people without a chateau are left with no water, unless they have water stored in emergency barrels. Or maybe a neighbor with a chateau or with a well might share their water.

We woke up on Sunday morning: no water pressure. We woke up on Monday morning: no water pressure. We woke up on Tuesday morning: still no water pressure.

My laundry piled up. Mark went out and bought a little extra water, and I saw others in our neighborhood doing the same. A friend with no chateau brought home a barrel of water that they filled at the international school Hannah attends. The water ran out of another friend’s chateau and they were using their emergency barrel.  Another friend showered at a colleague’s home whose water didn’t go out.

A friend checked our chateau and told us that we needed to really start conserving our water because there was only about 1 1/2 days left before the water in the chateau would run out. Then, no water would trickle out of our faucets. We wondered when the water would come back on! How long would it be?  This is life in Africa for us. There was no warning that the water would go out. And it happens often, compared to in the States where it happens… umm, hardly ever!.. unless city workers are fixing something and give significant warning that the water would be out for a few hours… at the most!

Well, Tuesday night, after four full days of no city water… the water started to come out a little stronger. And by Wednesday morning, we had our full water pressure back! We thank God for this gift of precious water.

However, as I write this on Wednesday evening, the water pressure from the faucet has just gone again!  I had about 15 hours to catch up on our laundry and dishes!  Hmm… how long will it be out this time?  Life in Africa for us.

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

This is not life in Africa for many people. And I’ll tell you why in a soon to follow post.




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