Posted by: macahajo | November 21, 2014

hardly room to stand

A few days ago, I went with my language instructor to study the Bible with two refugees from Central Africa Republic.

These ladies live in a room smaller than Josh’s bedroom, along with three babies between the two of them. They share one queen size bed, and it takes up most of the room. All of their belongings are piled high to the ceiling in one corner of the room, and the other corner is the entrance, offering room for two small people to stand, and for a couple of their burners for cooking.  Their babies laid on the bed with no toys to play with, except for a hanger and a broken mirror that the older baby handled.

I can’t imagine living like that. What if that were me?  What if those were my babies? 

What can I do to help them? Is there anything I can do?  How can I help them without hurting them.

Then I reflect on the call that the Lord put on my heart. I think about the vision He set before me: to partner with African Christian leaders who are passionate about sharing the Gospel and helping to meet the needs of the poorest of the poor.

Please pray that I would learn French well because I don’t want language to be a barrier in communicating with people and helping people who the Lord leads me to.  And then pray that the Lord, in His perfect time, would show me who He wants me to serve with.


In Christ, Cathy Lynn


  1. I love your heart. Praying for you Cathy 🙂

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