Posted by: macahajo | November 23, 2014

15 years

This morning, we went to church near our home. The worship in French and English was lively, with lots of clapping, a ‘shaker’ with beans inside, and two Djembes (African drums). Then the pastor, who planted the church about five years ago, spoke for quite some time in French before the sermon, preached in French, was translated into English. The whole service was about 2 1/2 hours long.

I tried to concentrate on the pastor’s words as he spoke in French.  While I grew tired from focusing so intently,  I could recognize and understand some of his words spoken and ideas shared, which was more than I was able to do last month!

As I reflect on how I came to Cameroon six months ago hardly knowing any French, I realize that I have learned a lot. I understand a little more with each passing week.   It is good for us to recognize the progress we’ve made, so that we don’t get too discouraged by how much more there is to learn!

After the church service, our family had lunch at Didier and Chimene’s home. Didier is the Cameroonian Christian that Mark is beginning to develop a ministry partnership with. Didier loves Jesus, and he has a passion to reach Cameroonian youth with the Gospel through volleyball. Read more of Mark’s heart for this ministry here:


Didier has been praying for someone like Mark, someone with a similar passion, for 15 years!

We so enjoyed the time to get to know them and their family better. After lunch, he took us to the small private school that his mother started. When she got older and wanted to go back to her village, Didier’s mom gave the school to him and his siblings to direct. The school is for children who can’t afford to go to school. The fees at his school are very low.

Slide1Didier has a lot of dreams for the school. He hopes that the school will become a Christian school, and he wants to see even more children receive an education there.


Please pray with us that more youth will hear the Gospel, and be saved and discipled through the volleyball ministry. And pray that the school would honor the Lord, and help meet the needs of more children.

Cathy Lynn


  1. Hi Katos! I’m so glad to read about the work you’re doing! I read the other post about Mark’s volleyball experiences and it touched my heart. I’m so happy (and not at all surprised) that God blessed Mark with the ability to use volleyball to reach people. So awesome! Miss you all so much, and I hope Hannah gets our package soon! ❤

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