Posted by: macahajo | December 8, 2014

a passion within her heart

In the States, Hannah was part of a wonderful theater group for three years, before we moved to Cameroon. The Lord blessed her with some great friendships, and she learned so much about musical theater. The Lord developed a passion within Hannah… she loves singing, acting, and dancing!

But then we moved to Cameroon. Hannah had to say good-bye to her friends and her theater group. But the passion in her heart remained.

Last week, Hannah auditioned for her school’s spring play. When she came home from the tryout, she told me that it felt so good to be back on stage, and she said many times how much she liked it and how happy she was! There was a part of Hannah that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and it really blessed my heart to see her like that!  It feels so good to use the talents that the Lord gives us! It energizes us when we do what we love, and when we do what we are passionate for! And Hannah experienced that last week!

Hannah has done so well with this whole transition and move to Africa. It hasn’t always been easy, but Hannah has been learning how to persevere, how to be content in all circumstances, and how to embrace today, not living in the past or in the future.

A couple days after the audition, Hannah found out that she made one of the leads in the school’s play! We are so proud of her and so excited for her!  God created each of us differently, and it’s so good for each of us to discover the talents and gifts that the Lord has given us, and use them for His glory!


Keep praying for our missionary kid, Hannah!…that she would continue to transition well to life in Africa, that she would have a heart fully devoted to Him, and that she would serve Jesus, using the gifts and talents that He has given her, for His glory!

Thank you for lifting her up in prayer,  Cathy Lynn


  1. Wonderful . Way to go Hannah. May the gracious good Lord be glorified, others made glad, and you richly blessed as you show case your unique for your creator. We are praying for your family. Much love and best of first Christmas wishes in Cameroon.

  2. Praying Hannah flourishes, using her God given talents to bring joy to others, as well as joy to her own precious heart!

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments to Hannah!

    Aunt Carol, when I look at the picture collage, I think about how you & Michelle were at just about every show of Hannah’s! You both are so special to our family & so supportive! Too bad you won’t be able to make it out for the show this Spring 😉 Love you guys!

  4. Hello Katos…..looking for Reach globals address…..I am having a moment….no envelope to send in a donation. Anyway, I had not seen this last post…..Hannah, I am so thankful that our Lord has given you this passion and talent! I will be praying for you, my dear one. Use these gifts to glorify our Savior! Thank you for sharing your trials and successes!
    Missing you this Christmas!
    Love, The Schuettes

  5. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for your note. I will send you an email with the link to give and an address if you prefer snail mail 😉 – What?!!… of course you prefer snail mail!!! Love you sister!
    Thank you for your sweet words to Hannah. I will pass them along to her.
    Miss you,
    PS Maybe we can Skype sometime?

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