Posted by: macahajo | January 7, 2015

Christmas in Cameroon

Christmas has always been such a special time of year for our family. We created many traditions over the years; traditions we all look forward to every year.  And we carried them here to Cameroon….  like decorating our home for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving while drinking Eggnog and listening to Christmas music, watching lots of Christmas movies through out the season, going Black-Friday shopping,  driving around to see Christmas lights, celebrating St. Nicholas Day, and doing an advent devotional together.

Some of our traditions looked exactly the same here in Cameroon, as they did in the States. And some of them were a little different…. We drank home-made Eggnog instead of store-bought because none was to be found for sale in Cameroon!  *It was okay!.. but we’ll keep looking for the best recipe!  🙂 We didn’t see many houses lit up with Christmas lights, but there were lights up in the center of the city!  And Black Friday shopping down-town Yaounde wasn’t exactly how it is in America, but that is probably a good thing!  😉


Hannah’s school choir that she is a part of gave a beautiful Christmas performance, and Josh’s class took part in a special end of the semester presentation that shared the stories behind Christmas symbols like the Candy Cane and the Snow Flake, and how they point to Jesus.

Then Christmas Break began!  We were all so happy to have time to rest and play!  We enjoyed spending time together and with friends, at our home and theirs.  With the temperatures in the 80’s during the day, we enjoyed the pool at the American School of Yaounde a couple times over break too!


Blessings,  Cathy Lynn



  1. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for sharing about your Christmas in Cameroon. I found the same thing living in Japan. I really missed seeing decorated homes with all the lights at night. it’s interesting how you take those things for granted as being part of Christmas until you live in a country which doesn’t celebrate it at all the same way. I’m glad that yours was still special. BTW; my mom use to make homemade egg nog, and that’s all I ever knew until I moved away from home.

  2. Love the pics! Looks like a great 1st Christmas in Yaounde! So fun to hear about Hannah & Josh’s activities! We love you & miss you!! 🙂

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