Posted by: macahajo | January 8, 2015

Christmas in Cameroon, Part 2 :)

The day before Christmas Eve, Mark got an email that the office received three packages for us, and we needed to pick them up. I was so excited! The postal service in Cameroon isn’t always reliable, but these packages arrived!.. and just in time for Christmas! Once we got them home, we opened up the boxes that were overflowing with special gifts from the States for our family.


As we read notes and cards that my aunt, our small group, and our kids’ close friends sent, my heart suddenly got sad!  We were so thankful for their loving kindness and generosity! We felt so loved!  But, I was reminded that we are so far away, and that we can’t see these people who are so dear to our hearts on a regular basis. Our friends’ daughter Lindsey, who drew a precious picture sign for our family, is growing up and we are missing her!.. and all of our other friends’ kids! And all of our friends! And all of our kids’ friends! And all of our family!  I think you get the idea 😉  The Lord walked with me during that day with mixed emotions.

Living overseas, so far from family and everything that is familiar, can be hard some days.  And sometimes, it can be extra difficult during the holidays. But, we quickly learned that what helps our family is to intentionally keep traditions and celebrate special days, and celebrate with friends that the Lord gives us!

Christmas Eve came and His mercies are new every morning! We got to Skype with family back home. (We were so thankful that the internet worked so we could have some time with them!!) Then, we prepared for and hosted a Christmas Eve gathering in our home with new friends. We ate delicious food, played games, had a devotional time and sang Christmas carols!  It was such a nice evening.


On Christmas morning, we woke up and the kids opened up their presents. Then, we spent the afternoon with other friends who invited us over to their home. We enjoyed time together with these new friends.   It was a very good day!

We thank the Lord for our first Christmas in Cameroon and for brothers and sisters in Christ.  It was a very special time, with new memories made, as we celebrated our Savior’s birth.


Blessings to you and yours in the New Year 2015!

Cathy Lynn

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