Posted by: macahajo | January 24, 2015

Just like a Cameroonian

I’m usually a planner. Like many Americans, I organize what I plan to do each day.  I often schedule time with friends. Rarely would I just drop in on someone uninvited or unplanned. If I did, it would be a quick stop, maybe to drop something off because I was nearby.
But, we’re in Cameroon.
Cameroonians will go to a friend’s home, often without notice. They may stay for a short visit or they may stay overnight! It’s expected that they’ll be welcomed into the home and taken care of.
The other day, I had my language lesson scheduled for 12:30pm. Sometimes, my instructor comes early, and sometimes she comes late. I flex with this uncertainty and… plan accordingly ☺ I’m usually ready a half hour before she’s expected to arrive, and I don’t usually plan anything until our language lesson is expected to be well over.
Well, this particular day, she arrived right on time… along with her husband and her niece who I was not expecting!
Since it was around the lunch hour, I prepared some rice and re-heated some chicken and vegetables that I had left over from the night before! Thank you Jesus! The Lord always provides!
We had a good time talking and laughing around our table.
Before my language helper left, she said, “You are good Cameroonians!”… Because though we weren’t expecting them, we welcomed them with food and conversation and time, just like a Cameroonian would. Her comment blessed our hearts!
There have been plenty of times we’ve had a hard time relating to Cameroonians and understanding them. There have been many ways that we haven’t looked or acted Cameroonian.
It’s not always easy adjusting to someone else’s culture and way of living. It doesn’t come naturally because it’s not who we are and what we’re familiar with. There are so many things we look at from two totally different points of view. More on that in another blog 😉  Needless to say, living in another culture can add a lot of stress to one’s life and take a lot of energy!

Please keep praying for our family as we live in this foreign country. Pray that we would love people deeply like Jesus does, and that they would know His love for them, through us.

All for the Lord’s glory,
Cathy Lynn


  1. Hi Cathy and family,

    It sounds like you are really beginning to adapt to the culture there. Thank God for leftovers!!! I grew up with mostly relatives, but sometimes friends popping in on Sat. or Sundays to visit. Usually we didn’t know they were coming. It sounds similar to life in rural America several decades ago.

    Are you safe where you are?


  2. I think it is nice that their culture values hospitality and relationships. I’m not surprised that you fit in there. We are praying for you. Love, Leanne

    • Hi Leanne,
      There are so many things that we can learn from our Cameroonian brothers and sisters in Christ.
      Two Biblical principles that are seen in the Cameroonian culture includes hospitality as we talked about, and also helping others when there is a financial need.
      I think you & your family would fit in here well too 🙂
      Love to you all,

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