Posted by: macahajo | March 12, 2015

Breaking tradition

We are breaking tradition—about how often and how long missionaries take their furloughs.  Many missionaries in the past have kept a schedule of four years on the field and one year in the States.

Over the last 5 years, we have started to see a change.  We know a couple who broke tradition and made the way for change for us.  They left for the mission field when they were in their mid-50’s. They left grown children in the States, and they left their grand-children. They decided to travel back to the States every summer. I can understand that!  Four years without seeing children and grand-children is way too long!  We’re on the other side of the equation! We have my parent’s grand-children with us 😉 and we want them to see each other more than every four years!

Lord-willing, instead of spending four years in Africa and then one year in the States, we will take shorter home assignments… maybe for summers or for one semester periodically.

We’re new at this, so we’ll see how it works 😉   But, we see great value in keeping a schedule like this.

Shorter trips to the States will keep our ministry in Africa consistent, aid our language learning process so we’re not away from French speakers too long, and help deepen relationships with Cameroonians so we’re not away from them so long.  This schedule will also help our children’s education stay consistent. Visits to the States will help them when they return to the States after high school as they adjust back into the American culture.

So, we are traveling back to the States this summer after 13 months on the field!  We will pause from our work overseas, and re-connect with supporters, and report about the ministry from this past year. Our time will be short, but we will plan several open houses where we hope to see many of you! We also look forward to worshiping with many of you, as we visit our three supporting churches.   While we wish we could see each of you in person for coffee or a meal together, we realize it’s just not realistic.  We appreciate your understanding and hope to enjoy some “face time” with you at some of our open houses!  We are looking forward to making time to rest, and time to be with family before returning back to Africa at the end of July, for our second year of service!


Please pray for us as we begin to set our schedule while we are in the States! 

With our love in Christ, Cathy Lynn



  1. That sounds wonderful!! Would be so great to see you and hear about what you are doing.

  2. Cato’s, remember you always have a place to stay here in the Twin Cities if you need to come to the Bloomington Office. we’d love to see you all again! Kathy & Lyle

    • You are so kind & loving to our family, Kathy & Lyle! Your comment blessed us & made us smile.
      We have sweet memories of our time together with you both, and thank the Lord that He allowed our paths to cross!
      Love in Christ,
      Mark & Cathy

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