Posted by: macahajo | April 2, 2015

Chicago Fashion

Today, we went shopping.

Our first stop was at a small, local shop down the road from our house. We walked down a few steps off the busy street, and went inside. Right away, I could smell the mold that was creeping up the walls from the rains that often come quickly and with great force.  The store was a Goodwill wanna-be. There were cast-offs from H & M, Rue 21, and Deb. Some of the clothes had the original price-tags on them and some didn’t have any tags on them- maybe they belonged to you and ended up here in Africa, after they didn’t sell at your garage sale?  We bartered for a fun 1920’s style shirt that Hannah could wear for an upcoming History presentation. We walked out of the stuffy, smelly store with a pretty good deal!


Next, we headed towards the city to a store called Chicago Fashion. Of course, we had to go check this store out, being from Chicago and all! ☺ Chicago Fashion was bigger than the last store we went to, and most of their things were covered with clear plastic wrap to protect the clothes from the dust and dirt that easily enters shops along the roadside like this one. The prices were set in this shop, unlike the previous shop where we could barter. Hannah found a cute pair of pants and a sweater. There were clothes from Sears in this shop, and I found a great big box of plastic cutlery from Sam’s Club.

It takes about 30-45 minutes to drive to the grocery stores that we often shop at; it’s where we need to go for meat and cheese, and other necessary food items. It’s like we have to drive into the busy city of Chicago from the Suburbs with all the traffic, every time we need to go grocery shopping. But here, we’re dodging taxis that slow down along the side of the road to look for customers, and if they don’t get one, they veer out into our lane, without looking at us coming, because they still have their eyes on the side of the road, hoping to get a fare.  And here, we’re watching for the cars that are coming towards us, some who pass cars and do so by driving into our lane, heading very close to us. Sometimes, I feel like driving in Yaounde is like a car video game, where you have to be ever vigilant because at anytime a taxi, another car, a motorcycle, a person, or any other number of things could jump out at you, and you need quick reflexes to avoid them.

It can be so tiring. So many taxis. So many people. There are parts of the city where we need to have our windows rolled up because people have had things stolen right out of their cars as they’re driving.  And when it’s hot, and our air is not working in our car, it can be so draining and frustrating.

This is a little glimpse of life here in Africa for our family…. I don’t want to complain, though perhaps I am. Sometimes, living in a big African city is hard! So, this is one way you could pray for us… That the Lord would fill us with His peace and give us peaceful times of rest. Also, pray that we would have thankful hearts and that we would keep our eyes on Him, as we serve in this busy, loud, dirty city.

Cathy Lynn


  1. Thanks for this update. Sounds like real life to me. We are praying for you, for safety, for peace and for rest as you serve in a very difficult place. We get it.

    Love you,


    Sheryl Gasser
    EFCA ReachGlobal
    Latin America/Caribbean Division
    Field Base: San Jose, Costa Rica
    Field Phone: (+506) 7158-7641
    Phone from USA: 616-878-4976
    Ministry website:
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  2. Thank you for sharing. Now we know how and what to pray for you.


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