Posted by: macahajo | April 30, 2015

wall of photos

One year ago, we were packing to move to Cameroon. We were fully funded, and after what felt like a long wait, the Lord opened the door for us to go!

As I reflect on this last year, I realize that I have so much to thank the Lord for. With God’s help, our family has adjusted well to cross-cultural living in Africa. This was one of the most important goals for our first year overseas. Many prayed specifically for Hannah’s transition to Africa, and they prayed for good friends for her. When we arrived in Cameroon, Hannah was 13 years old.

As we began to make the house we rented our home, Hannah spent time making her bedroom her own. Hannah is so creative; she decorated her wall with three rows of pictures. ALL of the pictures were of friends from the States.

But then, in December, Hannah started to add pictures of her new friends. And while photos of her dear friends in the States remain on her wall, Hannah continues to add photos of new friends who have become so special to her.

Hannah’s wall of photos is truly symbolic of her personal adjustment to Cameroon. It was hard at first. She missed her friends in the States so much, and she wanted to go home to all that she loved and all that was familiar. It took time to develop new friendships in her new home. But God provided for Hannah. Slide1 Hannah’s wall of photos is a beautiful reminder of how God answered her prayers and the prayers of His people for her.

Hannah loves her friends, her school, the activities that she is involved in, and the opportunities that the Lord has given her to serve. While she is so excited to spend time with friends and family in the States when we visit this summer, Hannah has already expressed how she looks forward to returning to Cameroon to begin her 10th grade year.

Thank you for praying for Hannah and for her transition over this past year. Thank you for praying for our whole family. Your prayers made such a difference. Serving in Cameroon, Cathy Lynn

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