Posted by: macahajo | July 15, 2015

Over the last several weeks…

We traveled back to the States in early June after 13 months on the mission field for our first mini-home assignment.


Over the last several weeks, we hosted three open houses, visited our three supporting churches, and spent time with many of our supporters in smaller gatherings. We have gotten to see so many of our ministry partners; those who have faithfully prayed and generously given to support our family and the Africa ministry.


We also made time to rest, and time to be with close friends and family.


Our mini-home assignment in the States has been very good, and we accomplished almost everything that we hoped to.

Soon, we will return to Africa for our second year of service, and we look forward to all that the Lord will do!

Cathy Lynn


  1. When do you return? Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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  2. It’s been a very good mini-home assignment, and we’re looking forward to heading back next Wednesday, to begin our second year there! And we look forward to seeing you in Africa 🙂

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