Posted by: macahajo | August 1, 2015


Are you excited to go back?

As we started to say our good-byes last week, several people asked, Are you excited to go back? I stumbled over my words and thoughts. I searched for what emotions I was feeling exactly. It was so hard for me to answer. I wanted to be excited. I think I was expected to be excited, right?

But, it was hard to feel excited about leaving America.  In America, it is so easy to access just about anything, anytime. It’s so comfortable. It’s so clean. There’s Target! And Starbucks! And our good dog, Hudson!  😉

I wasn’t really feeling excited about leaving our family and friends in the States who are so very dear to us. I loved my time with each and every person the Lord gave us time with over the summer…. Coffee with my sweet friends, dinners with my parents and Mark’s family, celebrating the 4th of July with my family, a little get-away with our best friends, wonderful conversations, special time reconnecting with ministry supporters… I could go on and on about the sweet memories I now hold in my heart.

So, I wasn’t exactly feeling excited. But instead, I was feeling a little sad. I was feeling sad about saying good-bye. Saying good-bye to friends and family, knowing that I won’t see them for awhile makes me feel like there is a little hole in my heart. And a hole in one’s heart – hurts.

I will be honest with you; I didn’t feel excited to go back to Africa… until we got to the airport and were waiting for our Brussels flight to take off.

And that’s okay.  I try to live in the moment. I like to embrace each day that the Lord gives me. So, instead of feeling excited to go to Cameroon next week, I was feeling sad to say good-bye to my loved ones today.  And once next week came, I was… excited. 🙂 Does that make sense? 🙂

So, it’s time. It’s time to go! It’s time to look ahead.  I am ready!  Just like last May, when we left for the first time to go to Cameroon, we go again with the same calling from Jesus to go and make His name known, a calling to make disciples, a calling to serve Him.  We go back, with the same focused vision to develop, empower, and release African Christian leaders in youth and children’s ministry, as well as ministry among the poor.

And we are just getting started!    Please pray for us as we begin our second year of service in Cameroon, with anticipation of what Jesus will do, 

Cathy Lynn




  1. Thanks for your honesty. I will be in Cameroon the last weekend this August and hope to meet and pray and thank you for your heart for the poor and for discipleship. Your heart is exactly where the heart of Jesus is. We also need to talk because Victory Baptist Church Dekalb IL is doing a similar ministry in Oku, a village in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. We have met twice at the Baptist Center, but for some reason have not met back I the states. We may meet again for the third time in Cameroon, maybe God wants our churches to work together. You have a blessed time of ministry in Cameroon.

    • Thanks for your note, Pastor Eric. I am surprised to hear that you will be in Cameroon this August! That’s wonderful! Please contact us so we can plan to see you.

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