Posted by: macahajo | August 10, 2015

words all too familiar

Our time has been super-busy since we returned to Cameroon last week.

The first full day back, we hosted a good-bye open house for our city team leader and his family. They served with ReachGlobal in Cameroon for the last few years and have now returned to the States.


Good-bye luncheon for our team leader and his family, along with the rest of our city team.

It was difficult to say good-bye to a family who meant so much to us, and who made such a difference in our lives.  But this is the life of a missionary family. Hellos. Goodbyes. Transitions. Changes. These are words all too familiar to a missionary and to a missionary kid. We are learning to embrace each day that the Lord gives us and the people He puts in our lives.

The days that followed, we had team meetings with our city team and with one of our ReachGlobal Africa directors. We were so thankful for the time with our city team and the Africa director.

Later in the week, Mark had the opportunity to introduce the director and a newer team-mate to Didier, the volleyball coach who Mark has started to partner with.  We also spent time with Hugue, a Christian leader who ministers among widows and orphans in Yaounde.


A good visit with Hugue, learning about ministry among widows and orphans in the city.

It was a blessing to hear the hearts of these two men who are making a difference in their city for Christ.

Please pray for our family as we begin our second year of service in Yaoundé, Cameroon,

Thankful in Jesus, Cathy Lynn

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