Posted by: macahajo | August 17, 2015

It hit me unexpectedly.

It hit me unexpectedly today. I opened up my email and got a note from a dear friend who lives in Illinois; a friend who I’ve known for over twenty years.  She has young children, and one of them wanted to send me a photo of herself!

It brought happiness to my heart to receive such a sweet email, and to see the beautiful photo of my friend’s daughter. But then, unexpectedly, I started to cry! I sure do miss them!

Technology is wonderful!…  Facebook, Face-Time, Skype, Viber, Email (and so much more that I don’t know about, I’m sure, because I’m not that techy!)  😉

But, despite all of this wonderful technology, there is still a grand ocean that separates our family from seeing her family as often as I’d like.  There are thousands of miles that separates our family from seeing so many of our family and friends who are so dear to our hearts.

But, I thank the Lord for relationships like this; relationships that have stood the test of time and geographical distance.

And… I did assure my friend, that though I got a little emotional 😉 when I saw the photo of her precious little girl, I still want her to keep sending them!  Those kind of things remind me that though we are so far away, we are not forgotten and our relationship matters!


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