Posted by: macahajo | September 19, 2015

African sand in Hannah’s shoes…

I am so proud of our daughter, Hannah. I love her heart & thank the Lord for her.  She recently created a blog, Songs from the Rainforest and the following is an excerpt from her first post…

Africa. When you hear that word, what do you think of? You may think of a desolate, lonely place. Or you may think of children dressed in colorful fabric, balancing heavy jugs of water on their heads. You may think of dust, heat, and a scorching sun. Or perhaps, you think of shabby mud huts, with no running water or electricity. For me, I think of Africa as my home.

For the most part, I’m a pretty average teenager. States side, I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. I have a wonderful family, and awesome friends. I enjoy music, theater, playing soccer, dancing, and singing. But in a lot of ways, I’m different. I am a TCK and an MK (stands for Third Culture Kid and Missionary Kid) in Cameroon, Central Africa. I go to Rain Forest International School, and have had a lot of “missionary experiences.” I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, who saved my soul.

People often say you have one life to live, so do all you can to enjoy it; after all, you only live once. The world tells us to do all you can to get what you want, so that you can be happy. I think the phrase should be one life to give. You have one life to give to bless others; you can change peoples lives for the better; and you can take up your cross and follow Jesus and live radically for Him. Life is full of choices. Do we give our lives to Christ, trusting Him with it… or do we ignore Christ and choose to do what we want? Do we choose to follow Christ… or not?

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  1. Dearest Hannah,

    After reading your blog, I have only one small thing I would add/change. You wrote, “For the most part, I’m a pretty average teenager…” It is good you have this humility and do not have a high view of yourself. But I however take great pleasure and joy to say you are anything but an average teenager. You truly are a special child who stands out from the rest of her peers. Maybe on the outside you appear average as the rest of your peers. But you have a depth and maturity about you that transcends your age. You are very spiritually mature and grounded with great insight for a child of your age. You tower above the rest of your peers in terms of your maturity, wisdom, and spirituality. Your love for Christ shines bright from within you and the rest of your peers fade in black and white while you shine with robust colors. And all of your brightness and excellence is done to bring glory not to yourself, but onto your God. That is what is so precious about your humility. You don’t view yourself as something to brag about. You go about bragging about the goodness of your Savior. Yet your Father in heaven causes your light to shine brighter than the rest of your peers. And this is why I enjoy bringing to your attention how wonderfully different you really are compared to your average teenager. You truly are well beyond average and the fact that you don’t see it yourself makes it all the more special. Your aunt Dawn and I often pray that our Natalia can grow into a special girl whose heart is captivated by her Savior just like you. I pray that my daughter grows up in the same manner and humility as you have grown. Keep seeking your Savior as you continue to grow. God has special things in store for you and we pray we are blessed to live long enough to witness them.

    Love in the Lord,

    Your Uncle Peter (I dare not use that other word beginning with “r” that your parents corrupted your mind with at a young age…)

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