Posted by: macahajo | October 2, 2015

1 1/2 years

The ReachGlobal Director of Transitions sent us several questions to reflect on regarding our first year overseas. The first question she asked was, “What have been some highlights of your time on the field to date?”

When I reflected on that question and our last 1 1/2 years, I thought…

Seeing Hannah happy in Africa. Hannah and her adjustment to life in Africa was one of our biggest concerns and prayer requests for our first year. We took Hannah to Cameroon when she was just about to turn 14. She left everything in the States that had been so familiar, including some very close friends and a theater group that had become a very big part of her life. But, over the last year, Hannah has developed special friendships here. Hannah joined the soccer team in 9th grade, even though she had never played the sport. She saw it as a way to get to know other students and to improve her dancing. 😉 Hannah also has taken opportunities here to get involved in theater and dance; two things that she loves! Hannah has acknowledged that her school is a wonderful place where she can grow in her relationship with Jesus, and serve Him. In so many ways, she is thriving here, and we thank the Lord!

Hannah and her good friend, Kaiah

Getting to know Nadege, my language instructor. Nadege and her husband lead a ministry to the unreached in the city and beyond it’s borders, and they are having a huge impact in this country. I have learned so much from Nadege about the language and the culture, and I have been encouraged in my walk with Jesus through her faithful walk with Him.


Nadege and me

Deepening friendships. I am so thankful for the new friends that the Lord has given our family. As one of the new families in town, for many months, we were at the get to know you stage with everyone… What’s your name? Where are you from? What are you doing here? 😉 But in the last few months, although we are still getting to know many people because many come and go on the mission field, we are now getting to know several families better and going deeper with them.

Exploring partnerships. We have started meeting with Cameroonian Christian leaders who are involved in youth and children’s ministry, as well as ministry to the poor. We have been blessed by the conversations with these people as we hear their hearts for the Lord and their city, and we are excited for what the Lord is going to do!

It is so good for all of us to remember the good things that the Lord has done in each of our lives, Cathy Lynn

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