Posted by: macahajo | October 22, 2015

only by His grace

The ReachGlobal Director of Transitions asked us recently, What are some of your most significant accomplishments since your arrival on the field? 


Accomplishments are a part of our life journey, and we grow in the process. They are to be celebrated! We are to give God praise for the achievements in our lives, for it is only by His grace!

I wondered what my friends would say about accomplishments in their own lives. Here are a few things they shared with me…

“Getting to go back to Cameroon. Cooperating.” – Missionary in Cameroon

“Having my sweet babies. Walking in greater truth and freedom in Christ!” – Young mom in Wisconsin

“One year ago, I started running (which I hate) and lifting. I’m down 30 pounds and from an XL to M.” – Friend in Illinois

“Going back to my legal career and serving the poor…” – Friend in Illinois

“3 ½ years – 4 states, 2 job losses and we made it through! Also, turning 40 and starting to work outside the home.” – Old college friend in Indiana

“Finishing the Texas Ironman triathlon” – My sister in Texas 😉

“Taking on Avon. It has been quite a challenge, but has been quite successful…” – Friend in Wisconsin

These are some wonderful accomplishments!  Many center around family, health, or work. They are achievements that took much effort, perseverance, commitment and above all, the Lord’s help.

Reflecting on our first year, some accomplishments that came to my mind included:

Adjusting, and helping our children adjust, to life in Africa; a place and a people so different from all that we knew before.

Making this house that we live in our home, and a comfortable place for our family and friends who enter.

Making friends and developing deeper relationships with expatriates and nationals.

Gaining a basic understanding of the French language.

And… Driving in Cameroon! 🙂 

It is so good to look back and remember the good things the Lord has done! What about you? What has the Lord done in you and through you this last year?

Thanking Jesus as we live, serve, and drive 😉 in Cameroon, Cathy Lynn


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