Posted by: macahajo | October 28, 2015

behind the wheel

I didn’t drive our first year in Cameroon. Much of the reason for this was because our car was manual, and I hardly know how to drive manual. But also because driving in Cameroon is very different from driving in America.


While people still drive on the right side of the road… well. umm. kind of 😉 …  the rules are not the same.

Stop signs are optional.

Taxis probably make up about 75% of the vehicles on the road in the capital city where we live. When they drive in front of you, they often slow down quickly, moving towards the right, looking for a fare. Then, they move back into the main lane that you are driving in, paying little attention to you in the lane that they are moving back into, as they continue to look to the right for a fare.

People, including young children, often walk quite close to passing cars. And many times, we have said, “They didn’t even look”… when a person crossed right in front of us.


So, when we sold our manual car a couple months ago and bought an automatic, it was time for me to get behind the wheel! I felt like a 16 year old who just got her license! With Mark in the passenger seat, like the anxious parent, I drove down the bumpy, dirt road in our neighborhood to our teammate’s home, avoiding ditches and major potholes every few feet. The next month, I drove all by myself to pick Josh up from school, which is also in our neighborhood. 🙂 The rough road to his school is pictured below. Yes, cars go down that narrow path, not just people!


The month after that, I drove out of our neighborhood, into the sea of yellow taxis, and ventured into the city with my family… on a Sunday morning, when traffic is lighter. Then I drove with Mark, to Hannah’s school which is about 20 minutes away, and I drove myself to the nearby grocery store!

Next step… driving into the city during the week! But that might take awhile to accomplish! And that’s okay!  Little by little!.. A key phrase not only with my French language study, but also with my driving in Africa!

Pleae pray for us… as we drive 😉 and as we serve in Cameroon, Cathy Lynn

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