Posted by: macahajo | December 17, 2015

entering a new phase…

We joined ReachGlobal four years ago, with a heart to serve the Lord in Africa. And some of you have been with us on this journey since the beginning!  You wanted to be a part of the ministry and what God is doing in Africa. You believed in what the Lord could do in us and through us. We are so very thankful for your partnership!


Our family in Yaounde, Cameroon for our vision trip. January, 2012

Since we landed in Cameroon 1½ years ago, we have been laying a foundation for future ministry. We have been learning French. We have been learning about the Cameroonian culture. We have been developing relationships and friendships. We have been learning about the needs in the Cameroonian church and in all of Cameroon. We have been learning about what ministries are happening in Cameroon. We have been exploring possible partnerships. We have been learning tons!


                A photo with Nadege, my French language instructor & friend.

As we approach 2016, we are entering a new phase of ministry. While we will continue to have a ministry of language learning and cultural acquisition, we have identified a Cameroonian organization that ministers among widows and orphans that Mark and I are beginning to partner with. We will continue to cultivate this relationship and be more involved in orphan and widow ministry in 2016.


We are so blessed to have this opportunity to serve the Lord in Cameroon, and we are praying for others who would like to join in the ministry with us by praying and giving. Will you prayerfully consider how the Lord wants you to care for widows and orphans in 2016? Perhaps He will lead you to be a part of it with us in Africa!

Serving Jesus in Africa, Cathy Lynn



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