Posted by: macahajo | December 21, 2015

…if it weren’t for our faithful God

We have been on support ever since Mark finished serving at our home church as the full-time Youth Pastor. We need contributions to do the work that the Lord has called us to in Africa, and it has been a journey of faith as we grow ever more dependent on Him to take care of our family.

Many people have prayed for our family, and have given to this ministry ever since we joined ReachGlobal four years ago! We have seen new families and individuals join our support team; committing to give monthly, quarterly, or on a yearly basis. Others have given special contributions through out the year. We’ve also experienced the loss of some supporters. But God has always been faithful.

Recently one morning, when I opened my email and read that a family gave their final contribution to our ministry due to some major life changes, I prayed that the Lord would help me to trust Him, and that I wouldn’t worry. 

We wouldn’t be in Africa if it weren’t for our faithful God, using the generous contributions of His children. Every single person who is a part of this ministry makes a huge difference! And when someone decreases their support or stops giving, we are impacted by it.

Later that morning, I looked at our ReachGlobal donor list, and I saw that a church we visited several years ago gave generously for a second month in a row. The Lord answered my prayer, and continues to show Himself to be our provider. I was overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to me, to my family, and to what He’s called us to in Africa.

Pray that the Lord would help us to trust Him day by day, knowing that He is faithful and that He is our provider.

Pray that the Lord would burden the hearts of those whom He would like to join in this ministry with us through financial contributions, or the hearts of others whom He would lead to increase their giving.

And please offer thanksgiving with us for our amazing support team; those who pray so faithfully and give so generously.

Serving Him in Africa,
Cathy Lynn

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