Posted by: macahajo | January 11, 2016

he wants to be a journalist

Bony once lived on the streets of Yaounde, but Mama Pauline found him and took him into her home. Bony, who is 16 years old, told us that he wants to be a journalist when he gets older.

He should be in school, learning and pursuing his dreams, but because there wasn’t enough money, he couldn’t go to school. So for now, he works in the market with a wheel barrow, carrying supplies, groceries, or other things that people need help with. He earns about $3.50 each day.

Where did he come from? How did he end up on the streets? Does Bony ever see his parents? Does he have brothers or sisters? Does he not have any family who could have cared for him? What is his life like, living with Mama Pauline and 14 other boys under her roof? What are his deepest needs? Does Bony really know how much God loves him?… the One who created him, and loves him so much that He died for him? Has he really experienced that love from our Heavenly Father? How can Bony learn to be a good, godly man? How can he one day be a loving husband and father, even though he probably never had that example shown to him? How can we pray for Bony? How can we best help him? Are there ways that others can help him?


Pictured above: Hugue, the leader of Hope Social Action, along with Mama Pauline and Paul, one of the boys who once lived on the streets, now in Mama Pauline’s care. He is one of the boys who works in the market with a wheel barrow.

Please pray for us as we begin to get more involved in ministry to widows and orphaned children, and youth like Bony and Paul, who once lived on the streets. 

And pray for Hugue, Martial, and Gildas, the leaders of Hope Social Action (the Cameroonian Christian organization that ministers among the vulnerable) who we are partnering with, along with new volunteers who have recently joined this ministry.

May the Lord give us wisdom and His direction. 

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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